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We book group or individual travel to worldwide dive destinations!


Imagine yourself on island, with miles of white sand before you...water so clear you can see forever...a myriad of tropical fish in every color of the rainbow...Turn your imagination into reality with a dive trip with SportsCo! Our next dive trip is close as a phone call away!

think deep...dream big....  

 Northwest Arkansas’s most experienced dive shop.
 Independent video home study at your convenience.
 Limited class sizes per instructor for personal attention.
 Flexible scheduling with day, night, and weekend options.
 Top quality, well maintained equipment.
 Instructors in the shop every day for your assistance.
 Custom designed 13 foot indoor heated pool.
 Four class sessions in the pool for ample practice.
 We believe you learn to dive in the water, not in a book!

 We are committed to providing you with a safe, fun,
    and comfortable diving experience. 

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It’s all about you in 2013! If you’re ready to dive more,
learn more, and have more adventures, then join us at SCUBAyou! This is your program to get the most out 
of diving and even earn a Master Diver rating along the way! Find your passion and dive it!...(more)SCUBAyou.htmlSCUBAyou.htmlSCUBAyou.htmlSCUBAyou.htmlSCUBAyou.htmlSCUBAyou.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1shapeimage_15_link_2shapeimage_15_link_3shapeimage_15_link_4

Find Us Here:

sportscoscuba on social media.

2079 W. Sunset  Springdale, Arkansas 72762  ph (479)751-0636 or (479)751-7330

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 6pm  Saturday 9am - 5pm  Sunday gone diving!

Be an explorer in the other two-thirds of your world. Be the buddy who takes the kids in the aquarium instead of just to it. Be fluid, blend in, and uncover colors that don’t come in a crayon box. Be adventurous. Be amazed.


Peak Buoyancy

Saturday, August 9

One of the most valuable classes you can take, Peak Buoyancy will help you fine tune your buoyancy skills..

click for more info.

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Boy Scout Scuba Diving Merit Badge

Did you know we have a program for scouts and troops to earn a scuba diving merit badge? PADI and the BSA have

teamed up to offer the ultimate adventure. SportsCo can tailor a program for your troop...read the link to merit badge...

Check out our limited supply of Scubapro Glide Pro weight integrated BC’s. Save over $200 off list price!